Purified Water Delivered in Sublime Style


This project takes a rather standard product and beautifully transforms it into a sculptural piece of art that maintains its functionality perfectly! JJ is a water purifier that provides the user with both hot and cold water.

The two types of water are distinguishable by the subtle difference in the surface finishes; this ensures that the design is not spoilt by ‘unnecessary’ colors or written indicators. While we are on the topic of surface finishes, the base is rather unique in itself! It features a surface finish that is produced by its method of manufacture… 3D printing, this ‘nod’ towards its manufacturing process is a lovely, albeit rather unusual, feature!

The elegantly flawless form of the faucets contrasts confidently with the textured profile of the base to create a product that steals your attention and would, without a doubt, steal the limelight within a kitchen!

Designer: Sangun Kim