Elica Space – Quietest Cooker Head

Elica is proud to announce the arrival of Space the stunning new designer hood from the Elica Collection range and the first of a future ensemble of hoods that will utilise the patented Elica Deep Silence (EDS3) technology.

The problem of not being able to hear your favourite music in the kitchen when your hood is switched on, can now be a thing of the past. Bringing a new level of silence to the kitchen, EDS3 , an innovative noise reduction system from Elica, now means that at low speeds you’ll barely hear the hood at all!

At an airflow of 500 m3/h, for example, the maximum noise level from Space is 45 db/A a reduction of more than 35% compared to traditional hoods! In the real world this is like comparing the difference between a busy office environment, with a lot of people all talking at the same time, with a peaceful library where a few people are chatting quietly. The sound-absorbing performance of the new EDS3 system is a remarkable reduction in domestic noise pollution and makes Space the quietest cooker hood available today.

Design: Elica [ Via: Design Republic ]