Make coffee now, enjoy it later

Everyone enjoys their coffee being made in a very particular and unique-to-them way, so is a coffee lover really able to enjoy an espresso made by a different person? Well, this question stemmed the creation of COSSO, the coffee machine that gifts the user with a capsule of coffee! Prior to leaving the comfort of their homes, COSSO enables the user to prepare the expressos that they will require to get them through the day-ahead! Once prepared, the user can store the capsules in the warm case that carries a beautifully sleek and clean aesthetic, which is shared by the coffee machine itself!

There is no denying that this concept advances the coffee making experience a few steps further, so could you see yourself using this?

Designers: John Park & Fountain Studio


Mock Up

2 Way Espresso Outlet

Cosso comes with espresso up and down. When it comes up, it fills the capsule, and when it comes down, it enters the espresso cup.

Take Out Espresso in a Capsule

Bottom Up Espresso

When the capsule is plugged into Cosso, the magnet inside the capsule rises up, filling the gap with the coffee.

Capsules can be stored on the coffee machine.

Coffee Storage

Coffee beans are stored safely from the heat of the espresso machine.