This KTM Light Adventure bike with detachable battery packs has got the looks

KTM brought the E-XC Freeride electric motorcycle to cater to the niche segment of clean energy-powered off-road dirt bikes back in 2018. This was their maiden venture into the electric bike segment, and the cool ride has resonated well with its prospective buyers. To give the existing KTM Freeride E-XC a major bump-up in performance styling and functional aesthetics – transportation design student Julien Lecreux has penned the idea of a lightweight KTM adventure bike inspired by the E-XC Freeride.

Aptly dubbed the KTM Light Adventure Concept, Julien reimagines the electric bike with a sturdy x-shaped frame and a slightly frontal leaning position. The front headlights and the windshield have got a very ultra-modern appeal matched with the dark orange and matte black color theme. The lightness of the bike comes courtesy of the dual mono swing arms and the custom addition of detachable bags shaped like a jerrycan extended the battery range further. These extra battery bags can be fixated on the front alongside the frame. Remove them for a short stint of performance run and the bike turns into a flying machine, ready for a dirt track challenge pulling off tricks like none other.

The overall design aesthetics of KTM Light Adventure Concept follow a very edgy theme – perfect for urban riders who prefer a good-looking ride as their accomplice. The high riding position makes it ideal for rough roads and the lightweight aesthetics mean it is agile enough for a twisty race track or the open freeway!

Designer: Julien Lecreux