Electronic Bionic Insect Bus

So you fancy yourself a strange vehicle fanatic, do you? Do you? Well you should, because strange vehicle fanatics are the best. They go wild for the weird. Here’s something weird for ye. It’s an electric-powered bus, entered in a contest incorporated with Michelin Tires. You may have to guess some info, because most of the details are still top-secret. This post is basically an authorized leak of bus-faced-magic!

What the designer, Mohammad Ghezel, can tell us is that this particular bus was inspired by insect life. Eight separated wheels with in-wheel electric engines. Solar cells on top of the bus. Two side doors that open like butterfly wings. And a wicked black shine finish.

I bet it could go toe-to-toe with the Gentlemen’s Racer, too.

Yeh? Nay?

I mean in a Twisted Metal sort of way, of course.

Designer: Mohammad Ghezel

Electro Bionic Bus by Mohammad Ghezel 03

Electro Bionic Bus by Mohammad Ghezel 04

Electro Bionic Bus by Mohammad Ghezel 05

Electro Bionic Bus by Mohammad Ghezel 06

Electro Bionic Bus by Mohammad Ghezel 02

Electro Bionic Bus by Mohammad Ghezel 01


  • Confucius says:

    Can you say HrGeiger?

  • Gunnar Tveiten says:

    What is the point of the big V-incision on the back of the bus ? Seems like it serves no useful purpose other than, perhaps “look cool”, oh and making the bus 3 feet taller than it has any sensible reason for being.

    • could be the area for the trailer to socket into, there is a sort 5th wheel looking thing back there.

      • M.S.W. says:

        Looks more like a engine/generator pod. The internal section of the lower half of the open “V” appears to be for stowage of items like surf boards that can rest on cushioned slats.

  • Wybie says:

    this looks badass!

  • Rodrigo says:

    jaspion bus?

  • Brandon says:

    I think this design is spot on! Its form follows function when you really “dissect” this design. I can definitely see this on the road in 10 years.

  • Enzo says:

    Initially, I thought that the sharp angle of the roof would serve the purpose of offering a view for the escalating seats, but then I saw that it wasn’t the case. So could you put a bathroom in that wasteful V-empty area? Or better yet, a bathroom and a bar? Thanks.

  • stephen russell says:

    Great for Luxury VIP Bus.
    Need more Info or Tech designs.
    Interior shots
    Concepts in Use.
    Expand this more.
    Otherwise Unique Go No place Design.
    Radical BUT Go No Place

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Where is the door knob?

    On second thought:

    Where is the door?

  • Thx everyone for comments.Also this design has some good points and weak points.
    Exterior view of the design cuz I wanted to follow a shape of insect just as I like get some starange view that maybe some of viewers like it and some not.
    Yes some part of the design like back of it maybe looks that has some useless shape and just becuz I want to reach that total shape I did it.
    About the door knob or door that shape with black win on side part of the bus is door and door knob I think nowdays electric doors that controled by driver is… 🙂
    again thx evryone and yankodesign website.
    I will try to improve my design and the way of presentation

  • Patrick says:

    wow! cool!!!
    i like it!!><

  • it’s beautiful Mohammad 😀

  • edil says:

    looks like a big stapler

  • 62Morgan says:

    Whimsical design; not serious for bus transport use. Aerodynamics cute; sideview questions: why? Bus useage predicts economy-of-space for cabin compartment to seat maximum number of fare-paying users.This wastes valuable spatial area.

    Scale suggests no more than 7 occupants, max. Step-well at door demises seating for 8. Last row of seats would view only ceiling. Stylish Fins at top is useless; kills cabin space. Door slant and height doesn’t allow adults to enter w/o stooping and leaning-to-side to enter.
    Huge blind-spots for driver via a-pillars. Front wheels must rotate in tandem. Cute wheel rims horizontal bands would remain horizontal as tyre rotates?

    If insect inspired why doesn’t it “hop” down the roadway in-lieu-of rolling via tyres? Let the”V’ be the springboard for propelling vehicle.And call it an RV; not a Bus.

  • morteza says:

    ok ok ok

  • shokatpour says:

    great as all other your job

  • Mohammad says:

    Thanks mate

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