This side table + speaker is every audiophile’s perfect modern home collectible

I don’t know if there’s ever music not playing in my apartment. I even fall asleep to it. Music makes all the difference when it comes to the mood of a home. Whatever we may be listening to, the guitar plucking of folk or the upbeat tempo of disco, music fills the room and sets the tone. Just like when phonographs were the main event of a 19th-century parlor room, speakers are today’s chosen medium of broadcasting our most beloved playlists. Designing a speaker fit for today’s devotion to small-scale and wireless living, La Boite, a team of French technological and acoustic innovators, has created a wireless speaker that doubles as a coffee table called Cube.

The Cube high-fidelity loudspeaker was conceptualized and built with La Boite’s long family history committed to the “traditional high fidelity industry with the design of ergonomic ‘all-in-one’ products optimized for new technologies.” Their patented technology makes it so that from wherever the Cube high-fidelity loudspeaker, which measures 47 x 35 x 49 cm, is positioned in a room, neither the sound quality nor its volume will ever be compromised. Due to its small size, innovative design, and finely-tuned sound quality, The Cube high-fidelity loudspeaker can double as a coffee or side table sized to fit in any space ideally.

Each speaker of the Cube’s collection comes outfitted with a total power output of 200W and features three speakers, one front-facing speaker, two aluminum vent ports for bass reflex, and two rear speakers equipped with La Boite’s patent Wide Sound 2.0 immersive technology. Mindful enough to make the Cube compatible with both wireless and wired capabilities, La Boite also integrated an analog RCA input, a digital optical input Toslink, Bluetooth 4.0 Codec Apt-X built-in, and a mini 3.5mm jack input.

Designer: La Boite

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La Boite’s patent Wide Sound 2.0 immersive technology was developed in their Research and Development laboratory to deliver extended stereophonic sound due to the reflection of the sound from the rear speakers on a deflector.

Additionally, each of the speaker’s control panels includes a familiar array of switches: a power button, dials for the volume, bass and treble, pairing buttons for wireless connectivity, and additional auxiliary input sources.