This double-decker camper’s expanding design has its own elevator, sunroom and even a balcony!

While the pandemic has made it apparent that RV’s, motorhomes, campervans, trailers, and tiny homes are the preferred choice of people who cannot restrain their wanderlust but still want to have their own cocooned space, safe from harm’s way. While we have seen countless houses on wheels having expanded the horizontal spacing, a Chinese automaker, SAIC Motor, has come up with a vertically spacious, as well as a horizontally expanding motorhome that compares to none other. This is the Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition – that extends upwards (not just a pop-up roof) with a full-blown upper level with a walk-out deck.

If that’s not got you curious about this RV, it’s got an elevator to reach the upper level that has 133 square feet of airy space, ideal for open sunlight room, Zen space for study, or Zen tea room! Depending on the privacy needs, you can toggle the opaque or transparent window configuration since they are electronically tinted with LCD technology. And, yes, it has a walk-out balcony (over the driver’s cab) to enjoy the sunsets and soak in the thrill of the open-air adventures. On the lower level, the walls expand outwards to give the occupants 215 square feet of living space, enough to have all the compact furniture, appliances, and everything you need for a comfortable life. The ground level looks more like a condo as it houses the roomy lounge, bathroom, and kitchen section (with a cooktop, sink, oven, and fridge) separated by a bar counter. The luxe aesthetic extends further with the L-shaped couch on the corner and a transparent TV paired to a home entertainment system complete with a high-end projection system.

A wall-mounted touchscreen or gesture controls can actuate electronics’ connected ecosystem with Maxus’ X-Connect RV smart system control. For now, the prototype of Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition shows the compact yet spacious nature of the RV honed by modern-day luxuries and convenience. It’s only going to be available in China for now at a towering price tag of $413,000. Does it justify that colossal amount of money even for the given functionality, tech-infused amenities, and freedom of living on the road? Well, that subjective and for you to decide!

Designer: SAIC Motor