These ‘melting’ mirrors add a surreal Dali-inspired touch to your interior spaces!

While the Melt Mirrors aren’t exactly functional enough to really be the kind of mirrors you’d use to check your outfit or fix your hair, they use mirrors to provide a unique effect on plain walls. The curved, almost fabric-esque mirrors hang on your wall like a curtain or towel hangs on a hook, creating an interesting effect by looking like a portal into another dimension. These mirrors ‘drape’ themselves on wooden dowels and instantly turn blank walls into conversational elements.

The mirrors explore “reality vs. perception” through material as well as through form. They come in four shape variants, and are available across multiple glass-colors, including Clear, Bronze, Peach, and Black-tinted glass options. The wooden dowels come in dark walnut and light oak wood options too, really helping customize your ‘melting mirror’ to suit your space. Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use, the mirrors are best placed on a plain wall, facing a dramatic arrangement like a rug, planter, pool, or the skies. That allows them to reflect what’s in front of them, instantly turning your boring wall into something more attractive and surrealist!

Designer: Bower Studios