This smart bicycle parking pod holds 10 bikes to transform New York’s streetscape!

The number of four-wheelers in New York City is increasing, and so are the bicycles. While the former have thousands of options in and around the city to park, the latter options are limited. People in New York want to make the shift (and are already doing that) to using bicycles, but the lack of parking spaces compared to cars is a bit of a headache. According to Oonee Founder Shabazz Stuart, if only 5 percent of these curbside parking spots designated for car parking are used for bike parking, the seismic shift in the sustainable transport mode will be significant.

Hence came into existence the Onnee Minibike pod driven by the need to have a safe parking spot for bicycles. Measuring the size of an average sedan, Mini promises 10 high-quality secure bike parking spaces to get rid of any parking woes and bike theft. That means for every one car parking space used for the Mini pod, ten bicycles are sorted for hassle-free parking. On the inside, there is an air pump and the ambiance of the space is also top-notch. On the top, there is a planter box, ideal for keeping in tune with nature and create a welcoming environment for cyclists who are looking to store their bikes safely when need be. Access to the bike pod will be via the smartphone app or the keycard – eliminating any chances of bike theft that has been on the rise ever since the pandemic. Oonee is going all out with its strategy to change the urban streetscapes of New York City and other parts of the globe with lucrative insurance coverage for the bikes.

Aesthetics and matching the architecture of the location where the pod will be installed is essential, so Oonee Mini pod comes with customizable accent cladding and colors for a mix of unique settings and streetscapes. Combine that with accent lighting for warm lighting and scratch-resistant powder coat paint to protect the elements. To make the pod visible even during the darkest hours of the day, a glossy finish is applied to the pod. Things are getting exciting courtesy of the VOI sponsorship, Oonee Mini will bring two pods to the streets of New York this Spring.

Stuart’s vision coincides with that long-term micromobility, as he rightly put it in words, “People can spend billions and billions of dollars on bikes and bike share, but until we get serious about infrastructure, we’re just a community of people who ride bikes for fun. We need to start thinking about bikes and scooters and micromobility as transit, as a legitimate piece of transportation.”

Designer: Oonee