The Air Necessities


Masks, as an item of clothing, haven’t received due attention from the fashion world. I suspect this is a conspiracy on behalf of the cosmetics industry. They don’t want you covering your face with something too stylish, lest you stop buying that fancy lip balm/voluminizer/chapstick thingy you saw Kylie Jenner using. Sadly, make-up never really saved anyone’s lungs from dust and smoke pollution. Masks, on the other hand, can keep lung ailments at bay. Freka, aims at making you understand how important that is with the added bonus of being a hard-core style statement.

The Freka mask’s construction is unique, keeping ergonomics in check. The Core, an inner skeleton allows the mask to rest comfortably on your face, following your facial profile. It also allows you to move your facial muscles freely while securing the mask in a way that prevents contaminated air from seeping in from the sides. The Wing, a fabric sleeve rests atop the core, forming the rest of the mask. Freka also boasts of an Internal ventilation system that makes sure there’s always fresh air for you to breathe. The Air Revitalization filter also uses fragrant Japanese Cypress to gently purify the air while also refreshing you with its soft aroma. To top it all off, its minimalist aesthetic is sure to get you to reach for your wallets!

Designer: Base6 (for Freka)