This watch winder uses patented technology to keep count of each rotation for your iconic timepiece collection!

If you own more than one watch, you know the importance of watch winders – they keep your watches running when you’re not wearing them. Depending on your collection of timepieces, watch winders come in varying sizes, from smaller, single compartments to larger ones that can store more than six of your watches. Being no stranger to the game, WOLF, a brand committed to a long history of providing luxury jewelry accessories such as watch boxes, winders, and cases, debuted their latest collection of winders called Axis.

WOLF’s latest collection offers winders that range from single compartments to winders that can safeguard up to eight different timepieces and count the precise number of rotations for each and every one. Utilizing their very own patented technology, WOLF equipped each Axis Watch Winder with plenty of different rotation options for your stored watches. Before you place your watch into the preferred winder, WOLF integrated a 10-second start delay into each Axis Watch Winder so that you have sufficient time to insert the watch before the drum kicks in and begins to rotate.

Additionally, the watch winder itself can be set anywhere between 300 to 1,200 turns per day, which can then be doubled if you select bi-directional rotation. The case itself dons either a copper or powder-coated laser-cut perforated steel surface that melds into each individual watch winding module and accompanying backlit LCD display and locking glass cover.

Each Axis Watch Winder also comes with a power reserve setting, which grants six to 72 hours for the watch to release any stored energy it might have generated after getting wound up, which is provided in increments of six hours. Constructed from vegan leather, each watch module comes with a lock-in cuff that locks in your timepiece for safekeeping. Since 1834, WOLF has been designed watch winders, like the Axis Watch Winder, that look nicer than any watch I own based on the belief that a fine quality case is needed to protect one’s prized possessions.

Designer: WOLF