I Ain’t Afraid Of No Wind

Southern California beaches are known for their easy going lifestyle and warm weather but you wouldn’t know it from this weekend. Nature must have been pissed about the oil spill in the gulf because she kicked up one hell of a wind storm in Santa Monica. I think I still have sand in my eye but I digress. HJC Design developed a tent-like beach abode called the Surf Shelter designed to withstand the formidable winds of the British coast.

The beach haven features a curvaceous form that creates a captivating interior space to protect users from the capricious British weather.  Crisp highlights are incorporated into a sweeping exterior shell constructed with lightweight composite fabric, helping to create a form that echo’s the aqua surroundings.

The Surf Shelter is an eco design that allows energy to be generated through wind and solar power to allow use of small electrical devices at the beach. It is designed to be a sociable area for having barbecue’s, sun bathing or relaxing with friends. The energy supply can be used for playing music and keeping the beers cold!

Photovoltaic fabric is utilised to capture the suns energy and provide a charge point for Mp3 players and Mobile phones.  The rigid attachment structure for the roof completes the aerodynamic detailing, immediately evoking images of crashing waves.

Cut to my beach bum friend whom I showed this product to. His only reaction was, “WTF is wrong with just a towel and sunscreen?” Obviously the Surf Shelter wasn’t created for people like him. HJC, send me one please.

Designer: HJC Design