This Apple Car showcases a futuristic automotive revolution that makes the Tesla Cybertruck look old-school!

Apple car has been the hot topic for motorheads and tech enthusiasts alike for quite some time now. Now the ideation finally seems to be heading towards fruition as Apple has officially announced plans to collaborate with Hyundai-Kia to manufacture Apple electric vehicles. The deal is almost final as Apple plans to manufacture the car at the Kia assembly plant in West Point, Georgia. Presumably, the self-driving EV will be called Apple Car and slated for a 2024 production initiation. After years of speculation and pop-up rumors, this is some substantial news for Apple fanatics who want the ecosystem of Apple products to extend to the automotive realms.

The direct competitor for the Apple Car is obviously going to be Tesla who’s got a strong foothold in the self-driving electric car market. According to some sources, the Apple Car will not have any driver’s seat or even driving controls which could be a bummer for motorheads who love the feel of controlling their machine. What the Apple Car will look like is anybody’s guess but to give a close idea of what it may be like, Ali Cam’s Apple Car 2076 is a good reference point to take home some inspiration. Adopting Apple’s sharp design aesthetics, the car looks like a mouse shaped like a car at first glance, but then you realize it’s actually a minimal car concept. Loaded with advanced driving systems Ali envisions the blueprint far in the distant future – the year 2076 to be precise. The choice of year apparently is the 100the anniversary of Apple ever since it was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

On the inside, the Apple Car is more like a luxury lounge with infotainment displays all around (even on the doors), gesture controlled-entertainment systems, and the holographic display traverses the riders into a completely different reality. You would not expect the car to have a driver seat in the year 2076 which coincides with the vision for the Apple Car just announced. So, the Cupertino giant can take some healthy inspiration from Ali’s design. Access to the cabin is via touch ID sensors and presumably, Apple ID is going to be used here. The gull-winged doors give the car a very futuristic appeal, ready to take its passengers for a smooth ride actuated by the magnetic levitation technology. Yes, the one you see on maglev trains.

Although the final Apple Car will be electric powered and the maglev dream is a bit far-fetched for now, this concept by Ali Cam that could rival the edgy Tesla Cybertruck design refreshes things up in anticipation of the Apple Car that’s slated to come sometime in 2024 or 2025. And of course, the real one is going to have wheels, so you can muster up the design with wheels on this one. Things are seeming exciting already, aren’t they?

Designer: Ali Cam