Meet the world’s first flexible, portable, lightweight lifting rod that works with or without weights

The birth of the RomRod highlights possibly two of my most favorite things about design. A. Necessity being the mother of invention, and B. the fact that Inspiration can come literally from anywhere. The RomRod was designed by two fitness enthusiasts who realized there was no easy way to carry their preferred method of exercising while traveling and visiting other gyms. They’d usually look for a large-ish PVC pipe for flexibility training and for weight lifting, and realized it was better to invent a portable lifting rod that satisfied their needs, and folded up for easy travel.

The RomRod’s design is a two-part pipe that takes inspiration from how folding walking-sticks work. The pipes have telescopic slide-out handles, and an elastic cord running through them that helps the RomRod assemble together to form a 60-inch long metal pipe that’s great for stretching, working joints, and barbell training. The patent-pending RomRod comes designed for lifting and flexibility exercises. Made from aluminum, it’s lighter than the traditional steel lifting rods, and doesn’t rust too. The handles feature the standard barbell markings and shaft dimensions, and even come with the diamond-knurled texture for better grip.

When opened up, the RomRod contains everything you could need in a warm-up device, making for a great training tool before exercising (no matter where you are). However, the ingenuity in its design is how it folds down from a 60-inch rod to two 24-inch poles that magnetically snap together and slide right into your backpack, occupying the same amount of space as a bottle of water. Each RomRod comes with a nylon sleeve for carrying it around in, and a mobility e-book to guide you through the exercises… and hey, if you’re falling behind on your 2021 resolution to work out, the RomRod ships in February!

Designers: Shane & Haley Livensparger of RomRod

Click Here to Buy Now: $54 $69 (22% off).

RomRod – Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device

The RomRod is a portable rod mobility device that helps you improve your flexibility, joint mobility, and barbell lifting technique.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $54 $69 (22% off).