This smartphone-powered foldable screen creates flexible workplace anytime, anywhere!

About two years back, if you said more people would work from home than from the office, you’d probably be laughed at. We all know how things have changed professionally for each one of us during the pandemic – homes have become offices – now, as people break the shackles of working from home norm, the future of working from anywhere is becoming evident.

When such a scenario unfolds, a laptop or phone may not be enough. When the advancing digitalization has fundamentally altered the world and working from anywhere, anytime becomes a norm, the Xtend Nomadic Office will make real sense. Conceptualized to enable a “mobile, flexible and self-sufficient workplace,” the Nomadic office comprises a foldable computer screen, an adaptable privacy shield, and a modified smartphone in one complete office unit. The incredibly futuristic layout aptly called the Nomadic Office is a cutout for individuals who want to set up their private nook just about where life takes them. The foldable screen means you can transport a large display in your bag. The adaptable light and privacy shield provide spatial partition, and you have a wonderful little space to yourself, devoid of any hindrance. Even more interesting is the accompanying flat smartphone that functions as a processor and storage for the computer display that you can fold to carry wherever you want.

The smartphone and peripherals connect to the screen over Bluetooth or through the screen mirroring option. The smartphone is powered through inductive charging on the input module. At the same time, the foldable screen draws energy from ambient light, which is converted into electricity by silicone threads woven into the textile at the back of the display. The completely mobile, immensely convenient, and excessively fascinating Nomadic Office is a gimmicky replacement for the laptop with the convenience of a portable desktop.

Designer: Eva-Maria Bieli