Fly Trapped

Fruit flies have this in-built instinct to get attracted to discarded trash via the smell emitted. Using this as the base, The Fly Catcher rubbish bin lid helps to trap the fruit flies. The lid is designed with an inner space that traps the flies when they wander in, following the distinct odor of trash. See, an easy way and organic way to get rid of them flies!

  • Slits on the bottom of the lid allow the smell of the rubbish to emanate and attract the flies.
  • Small openings on the top of the lid allow the flies to enter the inner volume, from which they cannot easily escape.
  • Eventually, they will starve inside the lid.
  • An acrylic window on the top of the lid allows the user to see whether the flies are still moving.
  • When they are dead, the upper and lower parts of the lid can be separated and the flies can be emptied out.

Fly Catcher is a 2013 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner.

Designers: Chang Shih-hsun & Hung Jui-yuan