LEGO creations that you can use as fun and functional everyday products for your home!

I love LEGO, and I know everyone has a soft spot for it, no matter how old we get! You’re always gonna get excited when you see some LEGO blocks lying around, or a cute little LEGO build. We’ve covered a whole lot of LEGO creations by master builders that have honestly taken our breath away. They leave us mesmerized and wondering “How the hell was this created…and from LEGO blocks?!” However, LEGO has managed to make its place in our ordinary day to day life as well. You can even use it to create everyday designs that have high functionality in our household! From pencil and toothbrush holders to laptop stands, and even chore charts, you can use LEGO to solve unique problems in your home. They don’t always have to be fancy creations, sometimes the simplest solutions can be very special too.

The Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet is the perfect flower arrangement for your living space. Created wholly from LEGO blocks, the beautiful bouquet consists of a myriad variety of colorful and gushing flowers, from roses to sunflowers. Place them in your living room, and brighten it up, without the constant worry of having to water them!

This laptop riser/ monitor stand is the perfect addition to your work from home desk! Bored of the usual laptop stands? Build your own using LEGO! The nifty little design even accommodates little storage drawers to keep your pens, pencils, notepads, and other miscellaneous stationery. It even manages to incorporate cable management in its structure.

Any Harry Potter fans in the house? These buildable Harry Potter House Crests signify your allegiance to either Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. You can also combine all four to create one impressive House Crest, and place it anywhere in your home. It’s a modern piece of art that’ll look super cute and verify your status as a true Potterhead!

Allyson Gail ( allysongaillego) used the often forgotten orange pieces – the LEGO separators to create handy everyday objects! From a cute little pencil holder to a phone stand or even a napkin holder, she’s transformed the otherwise ignored pieces into designs with immense daily utility!

LEGO teamed up with IKEA to create the BYGGLEK Boxes! The BYGGLEK collection is a range of simple, and easy to put together storage solutions that deal with your everyday storage problems. You can build multiple storage designs to cater to your various storage needs – from a tea box to a little planter, the possibilities are endless!

This LEGO toothbrush-holder is perfect for holding your entire family’s toothbrushes, plus an additional toothpaste squeezer makes this the ideal set of bathroom accessories. Clean, sleek, and simple, these buildable accessories are sure to brighten up your morning!

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken items with gold has gained immense popularity nowadays. And LEGO TSUGI has been inspired by Kintsugi, you can now repair broken objects such as your plant holders, pots, lamps, tables, and other household items with LEGO, instead of gold! How cool is that?

This LEGO brick-build is a unique Lazy Susan or rotating plate that you’d love to have in your home. Its mosaic-inspired pattern will complement any living space, creating a nifty turntable that you can use to display souvenirs, distribute food at your next dinner party or simply place it as a beautiful stand-alone piece. The playful possibilities are never-ending!

You can now build various hanging items for your home using LEGO! You can create picture frames to showcase your treasured memories, adaptable calendars to never miss an important date, trendy art designs and signs to jazz up your living space, and to simply add your personal touch in your own buildable and customizable way.

Do you have trouble keeping up with your chores and tasks, and almost always miss out on one? You can now build your own Chore Chart using LEGO blocks! This unique chart hack makes sure you’re always at the top of your task game, and tick off everything on your to-do list.