Fifteen Best of Best Designs from 2015 Red Dot Awards: Product Design


Every year, the Red Dot Awards: Product Design, honors designers and design firms from across the globe, accrediting their innovations with the prestigious Red Dot Awards. The glittering ceremony in the hometown Essen is well attended and the Designers’ Night – After Party is a rocking night to remember.

The awards are divided into the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year (Robert Sachon & Bosch Home Appliances Design Team), Best of Best and then the regular awards. Below is a recap of the Fifteen most exciting design innovations that were awarded the Best of Best.

1) Apple Watch Smartwatch – Apple In-house design


Don’t think this one needs any explaining!

2) FONTANA Dining Table of Stone with Extension Mechanism – Designbüro Appeltshauser, Studio 28


FONTANA is a table that has panels that extend and retract as per the requirements of the day.

3) Stella Lounge Chair – busk+hertzog


Stella is designed as this spacious and comfortable lounge chair in which you can sit and relax or hold deft business meetings.

4) Totem Waste Separation Unit – PearsonLloyd for Joseph Joseph Ltd


Totem is a unique range of waste separation and recycling unit that has a large 36-litre general waste compartment. Beneath this sits an integrated multi-purpose drawer. An interesting design with practical implementations!

5) LG Double Door in Door Refrigerator – In-house design


Here is an interesting four-door bottom freezer refrigerator with a Magic Space system that divides the refrigerator door into two layers. The system is applied to both left- and right-hand doors – to the left is the “secret space” and to the right is the “family space.”

6) UNILLOY Enamel-coated cast iron pots – STUDIO KOMIN


UNILLOY is the worlds lightest iron pot, half the weight of the conventional products!

7) Ross Lovegrove “Manta Ray” Lights – Lovegrove Studio


Lovegrove “Manta Ray” is inspired by organic forms and is crafted from stretched translucent membranes over aluminum frames. The lamps are illuminated with

8 ) VELLO bike – Valentin Vodev


VELLO bike is a high-performance folding bicycle.

9) Stokke Steps transformable highchair – Stokke AS, Permafrost AS


Stokke Steps commences its journey with the newborn and can be used up until school age. The chair is designed as a bouncer that transforms into a highchair!

10) Lite Bizz Cabin size luggage line – In-house design


Lite Bizz is Samsonite’s first Curv collection with an integrated fully recessed front pocket. Access to travel documents, business and personal belongings at the security checkpoints can be done in a jiffy.

11) Pháin Bag Backpack – IDEOSO DESIGN In-house design


Pháin bags are crafted from cement bags material and have heavy thick kraft paper on the outside and glued PP-woven cloth inside as the inner lining. An interesting choice of materials!

12) Horological Machine n°6 ‘Space Pirate’ GLASS – SARL


Here is a watch where at each of the four corners of the biomorphic case is a 360° sphere, capped top and bottom by transparent sapphire crystal domes. Up forward, two semispherical indications (hours and minutes) rotate vertically. The watch boasts of a highly complex movement.

13) DropBucket Trash bin – DropBucket ApS


The DropBucket is a foldable bin designed as a collapsed cardboard structure that unfolds to a pyramid shaped structure when it is deployed.

14) Scotch Tape Dispenser – Motex , 3M Design


Representing a combination of desktop organizer and precut tape dispenser, the
Scotch Tape Dispenser unites thoughtful design sensibility with practical utility.

15) Ferrari FXX K Sports car – In-house design


This sexy car boasts of a total power output of 1050 cv (860 cv delivered by its conventional 6262 cc V12 engine and 190 by its electric motor), and maximum torque in excess of 900 Nm. All body panels have been modified to various extents. A lower suspension set up, wider front and rear track and increased camber all come to the benefit of the car´s mean overall attitude and stance.