Samsung’s TWS Earphone cases are just FILLED with 90s clamshell nostalgia!

So much happened in the last week that it’s common for announcements to either spill into the following weeks, or go completely unnoticed. In a few ways, this product is a bit of both. Announced alongside Samsung’s entire roster of Galaxy Unpacked products is a little something called Anycall, a faux phone model designed for one purpose and one purpose only… nostalgia!

Meet the Anycall cases, a set of wonderful covers for the Samsung’s Galaxy Buds case. Much like how Elago’s cases give the AirPods a unique character, the Anycall cases turn the Samsung Galaxy Buds into a set of incredibly nifty-looking 90s style clamshell phones! Obviously, the phones are non-operational and are just for the aesthetic, but they do give the TWS earphones a neat, nostalgic spin! Available in 2 styles (with and without an antenna), the Anycall T100 or Anycall E700 give your Galaxy Buds cases a distinct 90s vibe that’s sure to appeal to a certain group of people. I’m sure there’s a certain satisfaction to opening the cases and shutting them with authority too, almost as if you’re violently hanging up on a robocaller. The cases are available as in-store gifts when the Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds are purchased in-person in retail outlets in South Korea, and are even listed online on Samsung’s website as optional addons for when you’re buying the Galaxy Buds. They’re a little on the pricey side, costing $30 per case… but can you really put a price tag on nostalgia??

Designer: Samsung