This hand washing machine also disinfects your phone which can be 10x dirtier than the toilet!

We all know that our phone screens have more germs than a toilet seat – in fact, they are 10 times dirtier! So when you wash your hands after using the restroom and touch your phone, you’re thinking it’s all clean but in reality, you just got 10x more germs on your hands now. With the pandemic, we are now washing our hands more often but also touching our phones more often. As we all go back outside to our normal routine with extra caution about what we are touching, it is equally important to remember that our phones are just as bad as the public toilet seat. UVClean is a simple and innovative design that can help reduce the germs we come in contact with!

While you wash your hands, the appliance will also disinfect your phone so all that scrubbing and precautions you are taking do not go to waste. Appliances like UVClean can help people feel safe in public places again as we adjust to life during and after this pandemic. Designers had to make sure that the product can be seamlessly integrated into the contactless environment while taking the new hygiene standards seriously. Simply put your smartphone in the capsule while you wash your hands and UVClean will disinfect it. After washing your hands you can dry them on the sides of the appliance before taking your phone out. The appliance also uses a HEPA filter inside.

“The UVClean is about personal hygiene in public spaces. This is a faucet improved with disinfection of daily use objects, using technologies already available on the market. According to a study, people touch their phones 2,617 times every day, and our phones are 10 times dirtier than a public restroom. Our phone is practically our third hand that we never wash. After UVClean – you can use the phone again and be sure it is clean,” says Grits. I truly hope to see UVClean in public places just like we see sanitizer dispensers now. UVClean was one of the winners of the 2020 Jump The Gap – Roca International Design content. This is your reminder to disinfect your phone and wash your hands!

Designer: Lidia Grits