With this space heater + hanging rack, your clothes will always have that fresh-from-the-dryer feel

You know the feeling when you pull on a sweater that is fresh from the dryer? The comforting, all-encompassing warmth that fades too quickly? There are ways to replicate that feeling without jacking up your electric bill with unnecessary dryer runs. I sometimes drape my socks on my space heater, for instance. This method, while cheap, has two obvious problems:

1) I’m mildly worried that it is a fire hazard,

2) the clothes block the warm air from heating my room.

The Smartmi Heater has solved both these problems with two design changes. The first is simple – adding an adjustable handlebar to the heating unit. When the bar is in the upright position, it functions similarly to the handle of a briefcase, making the appliance more portable despite its bulk. If you pull it down in front of the heating unit itself, it acts as a rack to dry or warm up your clothes. (Finally, I can get that fresh-from-the-dryer warmth without risking a fire.)

Of course, the adjustable bar poses a similar problem to my proposed “socks on the heater” method. Sure, your towels or sweaters will get warm and toasty, but your room may miss the flood of warm air directly aimed at your cold feet. The Smartmi fixes this issue by allowing warm air to flow from two outlets: straight out from the unit’s front and out from the top. This means that warm air can still fill the room, even if the heater’s face is blocked by a curtain of clothes.

These are minor design changes, yet they make all the difference for the user experience. They allow for maximum coziness and warmth, setting the product apart from its competitors. The holidays may be over, but for many readers, winter is still very much in season. If that is the case, you may want to warm your stockings over the Smartmi heater.

Designer: Eamin G