These iPhone 12 attachable lenses + photo filters bridge the gap between your phone and DSLR

You might be wondering, why would you want a lens attachment for your phone when its embedded camera already has HD resolution? Although it’s possible to capture and edit beautiful images on your smartphone, those devices have their limits. If you’ve tried to snap a zoomed-in photo without compromising on the resolution, you would understand the struggle.

Take your phone photography skills to the next level with the SANDMARC lenses and filters, made for all the iPhone 12 models. The set includes macro, anamorphic, telephoto, fisheye, and wide-angle lenses — lenses that you’d find in a professional photographer’s bag. Additionally, there are four SANDMARC filters to help enhance your photo’s beauty — replacing the need for Instagram or Snapchat filters.

Aesthetically, the SANDMARC lenses give users the look and feel of operating a traditional digital camera. Users can experience the satisfying sensation of rotating a lens to fine-tune the camera’s focus — a small joy that amateur photographers (like me) can attest to. More importantly, the SANDMARC attachments work almost as well as professional photography equipment. This product makes this expensive hobby more accessible to the general public — not to mention aspiring Instagram stars. It will be interesting to see how the photography industry and profession will change, as smartphone cameras and accessories improve their quality to compete with traditional cameras.

Designer: Sandmarc

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