This clever scratch-card sticker helps people remember to take their medicines everyday

If I were entirely honest, there isn’t one thing that I can truly say I’ve successfully done every day. I usually brush every day but if you held me at gunpoint and asked me if I’ve ever missed a day, chances are that I probably have. And while missing a day in your brushing schedule isn’t positively life-threatening, missing your daily medicines can be. FebriSol is an adhesive sticker designed to help HIV+ patients take their daily medicines without fail.

Forgetfulness is one of the major reasons HIV+ patients do not adhere to their treatment. It’s difficult to remember to take medication daily, especially when a condition requires lifelong treatment. FebriSol, developed by Ricky Stoch – a student at the Royal College of Art, is an adhesive sticker that goes right on top of the packaging for antiretroviral medicines (ARVs). The sticker uses a series of 28 metallic scratch-patches to help patients keep a daily track of their medicine intake for 4 weeks. When patients take their pills, they scratch off the day’s metallic coating. This action reveals a tick indicating adherence and provides positive reinforcement.

The FebriSol fits on both bottles as well as on pill-boxes, and comes in a pack of multiple stickers that can go on new bottles/packaging after the old ones run out. Apart from allowing patients to remember to take their crucial medicines, the FebriSol even provides a historical record of any days that you potentially miss. While the sticker was initially developed for HIV+ patients, it can easily be modified and used to treat tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes, depression, and many more chronic conditions that require steady, daily medication.

Designer: Ricky Stoch