The Ultimate Traveler’s Timepiece

Navigator 1 is big… really big! Its 50mm diameter watch face features GMT world time function to show times in different cities, dedicated hour and minute cases, as well as sailing-inspired elements like a nautical sextant, vintage map fonts and graphics depicting the history of medieval sailing. The result is an eye-catching world-time timepiece for travellers with a classic style.

Structurally, the watch mechanism uses two separate basic movements instead of a complex GMT movement. The movement on the left indicates the hours with a rotatable case. Another movement on the right shows the minutes with a fixed case. Normally, the arrow on the bezel of the hour case is pointed towards one’s hometown to show the home time. To know the time in another city, the user only has to turn the big crown to direct the arrow towards the city in question and the global time will show up immediately.

Designers: Ivy Leung & Dragon Har