This rugged off-road camper with a Sahara tent is perfect for every extreme outdoor enthusiast!

For an adventure junkie, every day is a new challenge and if you are someone who likes to explore the earth’s face every single day, a robust camper is what’s going to get you through every terrain or weather condition. A camper you can bank upon for all your trips hooked on to a powerful 4×4 like the Ford Raptor. That said a camper needs to be highly practical for everyday living when ‘Overlanding’ is your thing. The Crawler TRC 428 – Nordic by Mini Caravan has to be one of the toughest off-road trailers that can be trusted for a trip to the extreme lands without even worrying about a thing.

The Crawler is built in such a way that you’ll the most comfortable and cozy interior to relax after a long hard overland in the deserted mountains. The off-road camper’s chassis is constructed out of aluminum for structural strength and the independent swing arm double sports shock absorbers mean a smoother commute for the occupants. There’s an expandable full-blown mini kitchen to one side, and for your cooking skirmishes, the camper has a sink, dining table, stoves, and a 130 liters water tank. For those who love to camp outside for the serene view of the landscape, Crawler TRC 428 – Nordic has an expandable front pop-up tent complete with a secondary bed section. On top, the trailer comes with an expandable pop-up roof system with windows for a more airy feeling while sleeping.

On the inside, Crawler has enough space to sleep two people comfortably and left-over space to dine for daily meals. The supply cabinet is also accessible from the inside so one can keep all the kitchen or other essentials in it. The optional accessories that can be added to the camper include solar panels, a 360 degrees Sahara tent, a compact refrigerator, and a showerhead. All-in-all the Crawler camper is tailor-made for adventurers who want something robust and yet comfy to have prolonged trips to where the road takes them.

Designer: Mini Caravan