This ergonomic chair uses kinesiology to reinvent the traditional back support, giving you an improved posture!

My current desk chair has a tall back, plush cushions, and a low seat, but my legs still don’t fit underneath my desk, thus compromising my posture to meet my computer on top of it. Despite being aware of all of this, I’ve yet to decide on a new chair. But even when I do, whether or not it will fit me for the long-haul is another story. CoreChair, an ergonomic active sitting chair, fortunately, meets you where you are, offering a kinesiology-backed solution for comfortable and healthy sitting.

CEO of CoreChair, Patrick Harrison says the foundation of a healthy spine is the pelvis and ability to move freely. CoreChair boasts its benefits through movement. Inspired by the stability ball, CoreChair encourages free movement in all directions within 14 degrees and incorporates a pelvic cushion that stabilizes and hugs the top, posterior side of the pelvis. I know when my posture seems lazy, I’ll line it up with my seat’s backrest, knocking my pelvic bone off-center in the process. In order to avoid uncomfortable seated adjustments like mine, CoreChair’s pelvic cushions are made from memory foam to provide constant postural support no matter how often you move around.

Below the pelvic cushion, CoreChair’s sculpted seat creates a balanced spinal posture, swapping out the traditional tall backrest for a more open structure, promoting lots of active, controlled movement. CoreChair’s sculpted seat works in harmony with a pelvic stabilizer to relieve your pressure points that might otherwise absorb a lot of stagnant pressure and pooled blood flow. Since a healthy spine requires open blood flow, joint mobilization, and strong core muscles, CoreChair incorporates movement in order to gradually work the back, slowly building up its health with each workday.

Harrison’s chair ditches rigidity and firm backrests, and instead welcomes joint movement, vertebral disc hydration, and steady, stimulating blood flow. While all of these benefits make our backs and postures stronger, they also help us to work more productively – you know the saying, work smarter, not harder. With lots of open blood flow and improved circulation, our brain has that much less to worry about, and consequently, our focus improves. CoreChair pays acute attention to sustainability, using only responsibly-sourced recycled building material, in order to construct the final design, further enhancing the design’s overall health standards. See for yourself below!

Designer: CoreChair