This ambient LED lamp brings the spectacular gradients of sunsets into your home

The Arki light plays a fundamentally important role in interior design… far more than what most lamps are designed to be capable of. Most lights are only designed to brighten spaces, not recolor them, but the Arki takes it upon itself to change its surroundings with light, rather than just illuminating them. You see, space plays a fundamental role in design. It’s important for the human eye to see a balance between foreground and background, and while most products in your space play the role of the foreground, your background is almost always left entirely bare, with just the wall color doing its fair share. Arki changes that by decorating your space in a wash of brilliant gradients, making your indoors look as beautiful as the outdoors.

Designed to look like a modern-day chandelier, the Arki comes with four rotating discs with colorful LEDs fitted in. Set the scene using the Arki app and the lamp comes to life, with the discs rotating and moving up and down to wash your walls and ceilings with vibrant hues. The Arki basically uses outdoor settings as cues, so you could turn your favorite sunset into a lighting preset, or even that magical sunrise from your last holiday. The app turns your photos and videos into a 360° panorama and extracts its palette. The lighting discs then orient themselves and illuminate to recreate the magic in your interiors, coloring them with the same hues so you can appreciate the glorious beauty of outdoor gradients in your indoor spaces… because life’s too fleeting to stare at white walls, isn’t it?

Designers: Sohyun An & Hyunji Shi