This Japanese influenced e-bike perfectly pays homage to the past and the future!

A bike that embodies the essence of the past while retaining a very stellar futuristic appeal. Having all that while being gentle on the environment. Yes, this is an electric bike that looks, unlike any other futuristic ride. Calling for attention with its aesthetics more like a trimmed rectangular block of wood, the EV-1K/56 is a worthy evolution of the Katalis EV.500 electric motorcycle with its Japanese design influence.

This artistic interpretation is the work of cool apparel manufacturing unit Machine M56 and design firm Katalis Company, both Indonesia based companies. Taking a very niche approach towards electric bike designed by Julian Palapa (for Katalis Company) for eco-conscious riders who appreciate the right blend of futurism and subtle influences, the ride creates the instant first impression. The all-black body is complemented by hints of orange and white artwork that feels so upmarket. As rightly mentioned by Machine 56, the bike explorers the tug of war between the past and the future, “and between alienating and empowering technology effects,” as it envisions the future of mobility with an edge.

Ask any urban rider and he/she’ll approve of the signature Machine 56 design aesthetics bearing the Japanese influenced artwork, and of course, the covered headlights give it that mysterious aura. As for the performance, the bike impresses with a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of 70 km on a single charge with the onboard 1000 W hub motor, VOTOL M30S controller, and 48v lithium battery. All-in-all, a distinct bike design that speaks out so much, we don’t even have to mention it!

Designer: Katalis Company and Machine 56