This WWII fighter jet-looking electric bike blends futuristic design with Japanese details

Electric bikes usually have a futuristic aesthetic and its very rare that an e-bike evokes a sense of nostalgia while fitting within modern times. That is what makes the Katalis EV.500 electric motorcycle special, it is inspired by a WWII fighter aircraft that brings power without pollution. A dear friend described this design as ‘steampunk without the steam’ and we couldn’t agree more.

A Jakarta-based design and branding studio that has expertise in the field of mobility has designed this fighter jet-like electric bike in the middle of a pandemic. In fact, the pandemic influenced the people of Indonesia to be more mindful of their health and make changes in their lifestyle that made the environment around them cleaner – in terms of germs as well as pollutants. There were 3 core variables – 1) freedom in access to mobility 2) happiness 3) pollution-free vehicle. The Katalis is a custom build of a Selis Garuda electric motorcycle injected with the adrenaline of a wartime pilot. The aesthetics are unlike those of a traditional electric bike – the design team got rid of the existing frame and replaced it entirely with a new body made of series 6061 aluminum which gives it the military visual appeal highlighted with Japanese design details while being kind to the planet.

“We think it is quite rare to have an electric motorcycle design that has a metal body or shield,” says Julian Palapa, principal designer at Katalis company. “Furthermore, the rider of this electric motorcycle will also be spoiled by various retro-style yet functional instrument panels — from an analog voltmeter to the light switch.” Katalis hopes that building a custom electric bike while being in lockdown inspires more young designers to channel their energy into boosting their creativity.

Designer: Katalis Company