The Enchanted Coloring Book that Comes to Life!

Children love to live in the world of make-believe. They do this so that they can live a life they dream of or bring their creative visualizations to reality. However, with a generation completely shifting to being addicted by gadgets and screens, we’re seeing an increase in children turning into consumers rather than creators… and this in turn affects their creative instincts.

Playing House 2 strikes a balance between encouraging a child to create, while sticking to a medium the child is comfortable with, i.e., the smart-device. Making use of Augmented Reality to help superimpose a child’s imagination over the world around him/her, the Playing House 2 encourages a child to be creative and proactive by bringing their creations to life!

The Playing House 2 comes as an exhaustive kit that uses print media as well as cutting edge AR and VR technology to bring a child’s imagination to life! Available in five different kits, each kit enables children to develop language skills, hand-eye coordination, build in VR, and watch their creations come to life using AR technology. The coloring book comes as an integral part of the kit. Using technology that turns 2D colored projects into 3D models (something Disney has been working on extensively too), the coloring book turns the child’s creations into something lifelike, giving them the joy of seeing their imagination turn to reality! The Playing House 2 even comes with a hologram machine that uses a transparent pyramid to create 3D living holograms of the child’s creations, pushing them to experiment and create more, while rewarding them by bringing their art to life. The kit even comes with a VR building app that allows kids to turn to interior decorators, building their ideal bedroom, study, or kitchen using the objects that they colored from the book and placing them in a 3D environment!

Playing House 2 aims at creating an interest in children to participate in the creation process. Rather than most learning apps that reduce a child’s activity to button pushing, the Playing House 2 builds a bridge between physical and digital, using the digital aspect to enrich the physical activity of coloring. It pushes children to keep creating, while introducing them to technologies like AR and VR which will dominate their lives in the future, truly helping them understand technology without becoming a slave to it. The Playing House 2 aims at retaining a child’s imaginative abilities, building a generation of makers and creators!

Designer: VUidea

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