This tiny copper attachment for your phone-case lets you safely press buttons without touching them

Let’s face it. Not every material can have the kind of street cred that Copper has. It was arguably the first metal ever discovered by man (it even had its own age – the Chalcolithic Age from 6000-2000 B.C.), it’s been used independently and in alloys to make pots and pans, weapons, and is deeply embedded in the way we manipulate and control electricity and electrical/electronic appliances. We’ve been using Copper for EIGHT THOUSAND years now, and the material still manages to be ever-relevant in our lives… even in a pandemic.

Using copper’s inherent anti-microbial properties to its benefit, the Copper Corner turns your smartphone into PPE of sorts. This tiny little attachment (no larger than a thumbnail) fits right on the corner of your smartphone, allowing you to use it to tap on keys and push buttons without touching them. Its tiny, universal size means it fits on practically any smartphone (or even on a smartphone case), and even with its minimal form-factor, the Copper Corner hopes to make a massive impact by fundamentally introducing a healthier way to interact with objects and interfaces like elevator buttons, doorbells, keypads, etc. by letting you engage with them without touching them. The copper’s inherent conductive properties make it great on touchscreens too, which means apart from pressing buttons, you can even use your ATM’s touchscreen interface with the Copper Corner, or sign against a delivery on a POS device without getting your fingers contaminated.

While the Copper Corner is designed to minimize hand-to-object interaction with external surfaces, it doesn’t discount the fact that you’re still touching your phone every day… that’s where the Halo Handles come in. Designed as an accessory’s accessory to the Copper Corner, the Halo Handles are two copper bars that fit on the side of your phone, giving you an anti-microbial surface to hold your phone by. Made with the same 99% untreated copper alloy as the Copper Corner, the Halo Handles boast of a universal design that fits onto any phone (although they’re better suited for phone cases in my opinion). Both products come with adhesive strips that let you secure them to your device, and while the Halo Handles come in only a matte finish, you can choose between matte and polished variants for the Copper Corner. Let your phone do more than just keep you connected… let it keep you protected too!

Designer: Julian Thwainey

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Copper Corner: An Elegant Solution for a Dirty Problem

Made from 99% self-cleaning copper, the Copper Corner is a tiny attachment that fits right on the corner of your smartphone, allowing you to use it to tap on keys and push buttons without touching them.

The Copper Corner Works Great With

Elevator Buttons, ATMs, Gas Pumps, Crosswalks, Copy Machines, Air Pump Machines, Doorbells, Automatic Doors, Vending Machines, Intercoms, Printers, Ticket Kiosks and much more.

1 in 5 people don’t wash their hands.

80% of germs are spread through your hands.

With the Copper Corner you will always have a stylus on hand.


Similar no-touch products, on average, are 5 times larger.

Halo Handles

Halo Handles are a no-touch smartphone add-on grip that adds a barrier between your skin and your phone. They stick to the edges of your smartphone case, the part of your phone that is touched most often.


Simplified simulation of the manufacturing process.

Compatible Phone Cases

iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Pro Max, iPhone 11/Pro/Max, iPhone X/XR/XS, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 5, Samsung A50, Samsung A20, Samsung A10e, Samsung S20, Samsung Galaxy s10/s10+, Samsung Galaxy s9, Samsung Galaxy s8, Samsung Galaxy s7, Samsung Galaxy s6 are only the phones that have been initially tested.

Click Here to Buy Now: $17 $19 (10% off).