For The Aging Chinese In A Western-styled Care Facility

The LUNE Dinnerware may have noble intentions but somehow it negates the pure essence of porcelain and art. Craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal is top-notch: the dishes incorporate culturally familiar forms and symbols that are raised to promote better posture and thermal for keeping the food warm. Design Philosophy-wise; it’s this Chinese style dishes meant for retirement homes and homes for the aged where Western-styled cuisine is served to Oriental folks. So I wouldn’t even want to get into the question, why leave your old folks at such alien facility?

Designer: Christine Lieu

LUNE Dinnerware by Christine Lieu



  • Ivan ohhg says:

    Wow, i love it, especial graphic.
    I need this, defiantly 🙂

  • What a wonderful concept, very thought provoking…. I look forward too seeing it on our shelves….

  • stephen russell says:

    Great for resturants, hotels, spas, home use, etc.

  • Yuuta says:

    Is this set really meant for Asians living in retirement homes? If that is so, aesthetics aside the concept really fails.

    First, no Chinese senior would want to live at a retirement home and their kids generally put up with them at home as a gesture of respect and gratitude to their parents. The only way they’ll accept living at one is if they can no longer feed themselves or have caretakers to do so.

    Second, the dinnerware better be lighter than light to make up for the already weighty material and the raised sides because otherwise seniors will have hard times eating from them.

    Which brings me to my last point, Chinese people usually hold their rice bowls up as they eat and often bring the bowl up to their mouths to push food in. The shape and perhaps weight of these bowls would make that quite difficult.

  • Agree with Yuuta. But aesthetically appealing to a younger generation though

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