This glass orb filled with bio-luminescent plankton is brighter than my future…

If you’ve ever had bioluminescent beaches on your bucket list (I know I have), Pyrofarms’ Bio Orb may just be the closest thing to actually being around those bioluminescent waters. The orb, which comes with its own pouch filled with seawater and living bioluminescent plankton (dinoflagellates, if you’re fancy) that activate when moved. Just place the liquid-filled orb on a window that gets enough sunlight and the plankton get charged through the day. Give them a gentle swirl at night (or in darkness) and they glow with that incredible blue aura, looking like you’ve got galaxies suspended in the glass orb. The orb even comes with its own octopus stand, looking like some Kraken carrying a magical sphere of sorts.

The dinoflagellates are living organisms that follow the circadian clock, like humans, sensing when its night time (past sunset). The closer it gets to midnight, the more they shine. All you need to do is care for them by keeping the Dino in moderate lighting during the day so that the plankton charge themselves with nutrients for your night-light-show!

Designer: Pyrofarms