The beautiful pairing of earphones and earrings

We use earphones so regularly that they have almost become a part of our outfit, and they have an impact on our image. However, certain earphones can interfere with earrings, leading to the user having to make the decision about what they think is more important! The YoonJy Earphones offer a rather unique solution to this problem, and one which sees earphones and jewelry working in harmony.

YoonJy is the result of combining the two items together; a large metal hoop intersects the bottom of the earphone, emulating an earring. The simplicity of the hoop has been paired with an equally as minimal earphone; the cylindrical body is interrupted by the circular earpiece, where its color beautifully harmonizes it with the hoop that hangs below.

Designers: Rick Kim & Milmul Studio

Adjust the volume by turning the ring on the earphone.