This Stormtrooper-inspired watch brings a futuristic touch to an old-fashioned timepiece

How do science fiction and futuristic tech meld with the design of a non-electronic watch? The creators behind the EMC TimeHunter blend these two concepts quite seamlessly with this Stormtrooper-inspired watch face. Because the design pulls from such an iconic image, it immediately catches your eye (apart from the natural contrast of white on black). The numbers on the watch face have a subtle glow … which looks like an LED screen, but in actuality, it’s just fluorescent-green and white paint, contrasting with the black background. The bright and crisp colors emphasize the futuristic aesthetic of the timepiece.

Aside from the Star Wars-inspired look, this watch has a well-designed surface. It offers more information than just the time of day … providing a peek into the clock’s inner workings. Let’s describe these modules, one by one. First, the center of the watch features the standard hour/minute clock face. On the top right (the 1 o’clock position), there’s a counter for the seconds in each minute. The module in the top left measures the TimeHunter’s rate of accuracy compared to “real-time.” Why does this matter? See, the EMC TimeHunter is a mechanical watch, and occasionally it needs to be rewound to maintain its precise timekeeping. Sometimes the ticker slows down by a hair, and those minor delays add up. In the bottom left, another module tracks the “life” left in the power-source that fuels the precision tracker (not the clock itself). This module mimics a gasoline tank for its design, which I personally thought was a cute touch… and while this product may have been inspired by Stars Wars, it’s a gift that all watch-wearers would love!

Designer: URWERK