Drink from this bottle without tipping it over!

Combining bottle and straw into a singular device, the Double Drink Bottle lets you easily sip water without needing to lift and tilt it. The bottle comes with a straw-like channel built right into its body, working a lot like a straw would. Potentially, this means being able to drink on moving vehicles without potentially dropping liquid on yourself, or better still, sipping water while driving, so you don’t need to obscure your vision by tilting the bottle upwards.

The bottle exists purely as a concept, at the moment. It’s difficult to imagine how it would be constructed if it were to be realized as a product. I imagine cleaning it may also pose some problems, but that isn’t something a little pre-development brainstorming can’t fix!

The Double Drink Bottle is a winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Run-Ze Zhang, Xin-Ru Liu & Hong-Bin Yu