Gaming accessories designed to give you the ultimate immersive and gamestagram setup!

Being a gamer, one thing is true – the immersive experience provided by having a great setup amplifies the entire game and makes you really a part of the environment. And if you love gaming, you are likely to carry your game with you – be it by using a Gameboy or even gaming on your phone (hate to admit that I fall in this category!) Whatever your choice of game and the accessory that you think defines you, this list holds together the most innovative products that will take you to the next level, literally!

The Nintendo Flex by YJ Yoon is to the Gameboy what Daniel Craig is to Sean Connery. Same James Bond, but modern. (Sames Bond?) The Flex comes with a few very welcome updates. The bigger screen on a device that’s the same handy size (albeit thinner). The screen’s also mildly curved, giving you a slightly panoramic experience and adding just a tiny couple of more display inches into the same framework. The Flex retains the same keys and controls, but gives them a makeover too, opting for flushed surfaces rather than the original GameBoy’s chunky keys that stood out from the surface. The Flex’s biggest overhaul, however, is the change in Nintendo’s cartridge system. Flex ditches the large squarish cartridges for something much sleeker and thinner, looking almost like a stylus. The stylus-sized cartridge slides conveniently into a slot in the Flex’s base, locking in place and becoming impossible to remove while in the middle of gameplay.

Since the current gaming setups limit the experience to TVs and VR headsets, designer Andy Suh wanted to create something that allows the users to transform their room into the game itself. PSR uses a built-in triple projector that created a panoramic dimensional view mapped on the wall to take the user inside the game’s environment. Your room becomes your screen BOOM, your game just leveled up! It features a super bright 4K HDR projector lens for a synced panoramic view which optimizes the triple projector technology. You can also use it to play on your TV or switch to the classic mode that only projects the scene on one wall. This concept lets the players expand their field of vision and games can be more realistic by adding more actions like jumping, ducking, complex hand gestures, etc. to get them more involved.

This is the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla themed controller by Nacon Gaming that’s completely kickass if you are from the Viking’s clan. The controller is a themed Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3, tailor-made for every fan of this epic series which came into existence more than a decade ago as a worthy successor to the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time franchise. Since the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is heavily based on the Viking invasion of Britain set in 873 AD, this controller bears every single element of that age on it. The motifs on the wooden textured surface, the game branding, the joystick, the buttons, and the signature leather strap on one side of the controller.

Oliver Perratta designed an all-black version of the PS5 and we can’t help admiring it, maybe more than the original all-white design. As designer Michael DiTullo explains about the original PS5, “Strategically, xBox and Nintendo are circling the same aesthetic space that I call the Dieter Rams cul-de-sac. Nice B+ designs that don’t really cause a stir. I think Sony was smart to try something different. The market should have multiple different options if you draw out a 2×2 with geometric to complex curvature on one axis and minimal to complex on the other. Third, gesturally, the design is pretty iconic, it says leave me out. Sure it looks a bit like a router, but I’d say router designs have gotten out of hand, they should look more like an Xbox.”

In comparison to the commercial version of the Omni, the Omni One is lighter and more compact – you can place it anywhere in the room. Compared to its predecessor that used a complete ring to hold the user in place, the Omni One comes with a single vertical bar for anchoring the user. It has a diameter of just four feet and can be easily folded up for storage. Billed as a complete entertainment system, this comes with a standalone VR headset and works without any wires or a PC connection. Just step onto the treadmill, strap on the jacket, wear the VR headset, and you’re good for a seamless experience. Virtuix has its own game store for the Omni One with in-house shooter games and some third-party titles – a total of 30 expected at kick-off.

Inspired by the Nintendo tabletop arcade machines of the ’80s, Rafael Rubio wanted to bring back the style of some of the older video games and he created the wood-e. However, he wanted to create a design that would withstand the passage of time and could be easily maintained and repaired. Machine CNC-milled wood was his choice of material. Boasting a strong wooden structure, the console features bright red arcade-style buttons and a traditional joystick that evokes nostalgia! However, the red buttons are neutralized by the matte black and warm wood elements, creating a design that could double up as a decorative piece in your home.

Slated for a debut at CES2020, this is the Samsung Odyssey G9, an ultra-wide QLED gaming screen with a 49-inch diagonal and a mind-bending 1000R curvature. Launched under Samsung’s Odyssey tag, the G9 is targeted towards gamers, with a ridiculous 32:9 aspect ratio, 5120×1440 resolution, ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. While it isn’t really 4K, the G9 is the world’s first Dual Quad High-Definition monitor (basically the equivalent of eight 720p screens arranged in 4*2). The G9 is so incredibly wide, it practically covers your periphery, and with a curvature so tight, it gives you more screen in a smaller footprint. In fact, with a radius of 1000mm, it might be perhaps the most curved PC monitor we’ve ever seen.

Though Rams’ list of ingenious pieces is long, Love Hultén has carefully taken their pick adding little sneak peeks of the SK-4 record player and T3 pocket radio, sending us on a trip down memory lane. While the gaming industry seems to be creating more and more products with an intense futuristic appeal, Love Hulten has decided to stick to its old school roots. They have taken it one step further by hailing Dieter Rams as their inspiration, including glimpses of his “Less, but better” ideology to their work. Sleek, simple, with arcade-style controls, the R-Kaid-R SK-4’s looks may have a vintage appeal but its functionality is deeply rooted within the 21stcentury with its ability to store 10,000 emulated games!

Designer Junebeom Son in collaboration with Fountain Studio has envisioned the Sticky game controller, tailor-made for gamers who have unfortunately lost motor capability in their hand or finger(s). Hence, came through the blueprint of a gaming controller that’s shaped like an egg, is easy to grab, and looks visually inviting for an extended gaming session with buddies. The cool blue orb-shaped controller has the joystick controls on top with the Select/Cancel controls to one side. On the bottom, there are the power toggle and volume control buttons. Depending on whether the player has lost finger or thumb, the sticker buttons (up to two) can be configured accordingly keeping in mind the shape of the hand.

An homage to retro gaming machines and furniture enthusiasts, this coffee table is one of its kind. Swedish designer Love Hulten has created a slim slide-out console with 2-player arcade joysticks & push-button gaming controls. It is inspired by the old-school gaming arcades and includes the big buttons as well as a joystick that is also a knob for the coffee table. The custom-crafted table features a wireless gaming system that connects with your smart TV for modern yet classic home gaming. With a classic American walnut and brass aesthetic, the table’s form will appeal to most and allow it to blend in any interior style.