This 5-piece travel cutlery set has to be one of the most stylish ones I’ve ever seen

Portability seems to be a very coincidental element of the Linden Travel Cutlery Set’s design. Minus the case, it looks like the kind of fine flatware you’d have in your house (and probably only take out when the guests come over), so the fact that you can slip them into a travel case and carry them around seems like a very interesting feature!

Inspired by the shape of leaves, Linden’s flatware boast of an organic design that embraces style more than a function-led form language. The cutlery kit comes with two spoons (a tablespoon and a dessert spoon), a fork, a knife, and a pair of chopsticks, packaged wonderfully in a steel case with a bamboo lid. The case is aptly sized to fit right into backpacks, making it easy to carry around, and the bamboo lid conveniently doubles up as a resting platform for the chopsticks when in use!

Created as a stylish, convenient, and reusable alternative to disposable plastic cutlery, the Linden Portable Cutlery Set hopes to spearhead the Bring Your Own Cutlery movement and reduce the tonnes of plastic waste entering landfills and our oceans each year. Combine that noble purpose with Linden’s stylish design and the three color options, and you’ve got yourself an absolute winner!

Designer: Linden