This smart bedside assistant & wireless charger uses mood light to improve your sleep routine and reduce stress

Going to sleep has unfortunately turned into a quest for many, owing to the extensive usage of smartphones. Checking social feeds, emails, or watching intriguing content is so accessible that we all can’t get enough of it – so much that infinite scrolling is actually recognized as a problem! When we do realize that these habits are spoiling our overall health and productivity – what do we do to set it right? Most probably turn to the smartphone, again, with tons of sleep assisting or meditation apps, and what not! It’s a cliché – a loop that one gets stuck in, inducing more anxiety and reducing sleep quota that has adverse effects in the long run. So, how do you lull to sleep in the most interactive manner without even knowing you’ve transitioned into the dream world, only to wake up fresh as a daisy the next morning?

It’s possible with a sleep assistant that subconsciously motivates you to get to bed and sets up the right ambiance and sound, putting you off to sound sleep. LoomyLoomy is a smart assistant for a healthy sleep routine, being more than just a combination of animated visuals (mood lighting) and soothing sound. The cool-looking bedside gadget has a 360 Degrees light reflector with a Qi wireless charging base at the bottom where your smartphone rests. Once you set the mood light on your phone and slide it in for winding off, the intuitively designed light reflector has the right ambiance to relax your senses, and before you realize the morning alarm combined with the sounds and mood light wakes you up for the day’s challenges!

If you are someone for whom dozing off is pretty hard even if you are completely drained, the companion app comes with features like meditative breath exercise mode (with matching pulsating ambient light) and voice assistant to calm your anxiety and relax your body. The smart gadget comes with a nifty mode which interactively displays the amount of sleep you’ve had, in case you are prone to waking up in the middle of the night. Another useful feature of the LoomyLoomy sleep assistant and the companion app is the ability to automatically detect your proximity to remind you that it is time to get to sleep with pulsating light notifications. Thereafter when you slide your phone inside the housing, the sleep mode on the app is initiated automatically, along with wireless charging that keeps your phone juiced up for the next day.

The smart device has been designed keeping in mind the ease of use and how a sleep-inducing regime is initiated based on human biology. Basically, it does all the right things for a refreshing sleep cycle, so that you get more out of life each day. LoomyLoomy is bound to make you worry less about getting a sound sleep and concentrate more on the important things in life!

Designer: Alex Dumler

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LoomyLoomy: Healthy Sleep

LoomyLoomy is a smart device designed to improve your sleeping habits by reducing screen time.

LoomyLoomy integrates three elements into a complementary system: Sleep assistant device + Companion App + Your Smartphone.

How to Use LoomyLoomy

LoomyLoomy guides you through a simple set of steps to create a new sleep routine.

Customize these steps to your personal need to improve your sleep.

1. Set up a sleep schedule – Set up when and how (Moods) you would like to wake up. Try to be consistent with establishing a healthy sleep routine.

2. Go to bed on time – Instead of notifications on your phone, a bright glow will remind you to get ready for bed. As you and your phone approach LoomyLoomy, the light will change color to initiate your bedtime.

3. Put away your smartphone and other screens – When it’s time to sleep LoomyLoomy will start to pulsate. Slide your smartphone into the device to initiate your sleep. Your phone will start charging, all your connected lights will dim down, and the LoomyLoomy app will launch automatically.

4. Fall asleep faster – Meditative breath exercises can help you to fall asleep faster; just follow the voice and visual cues.

5. Ignore your smartphone – If you are the person who wakes up in the night and wants to know the time, the intuitive sleep status bar shows your sleep duration. Gentle green shows the time you have slept, and red indicates your remaining sleep time. There is no need anymore to take your phone and get blinded by the display light or calculate how much time is left to sleep.

How? LoomyLoomy analyses the sound of your sleep and activates only when you are awake.


Removing the phone from the device during your bedtime will result in a pulsating gentle red light to encourage healthier smartphone habits.

6. Wake up and get out of bed on time – In the morning, LoomyLoomy will help you to leave your bed on time, so you don’t get hooked on social media by starting the get-up alarm. The only way to turn it off is to leave your bedroom with your smartphone.

LoomyLoomy Design

The goal was to design a minimalistic product that fits naturally in any household environment. LoomyLoomy should harmonize with other devices that you already might have in your home like a Sonos speaker or Philips Hue lamps. At the same time, the design should work well and look good with different types of smartphones. On your night table, LoomyLoomy invites you to place your smartphone in it so you can take a good night’s sleep.

LoomyLoomy App

Click Here to Buy Now: $142 $237 (40% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!