Portable Washing Machine To Make Travelers Happy

The Dolfi Washing Machine is an amazing portable one that fits into the luggage without a fuss. Promising you a speedy and efficient washing of clothes, when out on the go … the system uses innovative ultrasound technology to do the cleaning. Who couldn’t do with a fresh pair of undies and white shirt while living out of a suitcase for the better part of the month!

Designers: Andre Fangueiro & Studio Lata


  • Tomaz says:

    English Version Dolfi’s IndieGoGo campaign is now LIVE. Go here http://igg.me/at/dolfi to pre-order your own Dolfi device!

  • D'ESTAIS says:

    It’s a nice design but it will stay a 3D : it is not possible!
    If you drop this kind of UltraSonic device in a full bucket of water, the water won’t vibrate at all so the stains will not remove. One need an enormous U-S device to wash clothes like that!! Listen : in 2010(?) Rowenta launched a hand tool with a U-S tip to apply directly on stains with a washing product… and even that was not efficient!

  • Robustas says:

    This could be fine for a hotel implying short stay based on cost, but when travelling in hostels, I’m quite sure you’d have some annoyed room sharers leaving your dirty laundry in the sink for that amount of time.

    Good luck.

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