A Future Fridge for the forgetful


While the most obvious upgrade to a fridge is a fridge that connects to your phone and allows you to run Buzzfeed tasty videos customized to your liking, it isn’t truly the wisest upgrade. The Smart Touch refrigerator may seem like it’s a long shot, but in philosophy, it captures what a smart fridge is required to be like. Aesthetically, the fridge is definitely a class apart, with its half-swirl handle that honestly gives my heart palpitations! The handle hosts an inbuilt biometric sensor that knows who’s opening the fridge door. Food kept inside the fridge is therefore tagged to the people who put them there in the first place. Projectors on each food tray project ‘time stamps’ n the food when you open the door. These stamps indicate who the food belongs to, and by what time must it be consumed. The designer HaiMeng Fang wants to eliminate the possibility (a pretty common one) of stocking one’s refrigerator, but forgetting about perishable food items kept within the fridge. The Smart Touch does a nifty job of telling you what you’ve got in your fridge that’s good to eat, and that’s nearing its expiration date. Isn’t that just magical?!

Designer: HaiMeng Fang (Newplan Design)