Brick cats makes it to next stage of LEGO Ideas

If you’re a cat person, chances are you like anything that has to do with cats. And if you’re a LEGO person, then you will probably squee your way to the store if any cat-related product is released by the brand. They probably receive several cat-related designs through their LEGO Ideas program that lets super fans submit their, well, ideas and eventually get produced if they reach the final stages. This new design from someone who has already had his stuff produced might just be the next cat-crazy product to add to your cat lady (or lad) home.

Designer: Truman Cheng

One of the most popular and intricate LEGO Ideas winners is Cheng’s Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night and now one of his ideas has reached the second 2022 review stage. Simply called LEGO Cats, this is a pair of spiffy-looking cats that are made from the ever-popular bricks that kids and adults play around with. The LEGO Ideas review board will now decide if this is one of the projects that will go to the next round but the competition is pretty stiff as there are 46 other designs that have made it so far.

LEGO Cats is made up of two felines: a tuxedo-wearing black and white one and a ginger-colored one. They actually look almost identical, up to the pink highlights in the ear, except for the aforementioned colors. The former is made up of 733 parts while the latter has slightly more with its 752 parts. The slight difference between the two is the fur patterns and if you’re not so keen on the details, you probably will not notice it that much. So you’ll probably choose between the colors or get them both (as most probably will).

The two cats are created through the alignment of bricks and the only things printed are the eyes. It’s probably hard to create actual eyes that will not scare you if you just use the available bricks. The heads can be slightly moved which is actually pretty cool articulation (if that kind of thing doesn’t freak you out). Each cat is 25cm tall and 10cm wide so they’ll probably fit right in with your other smaller LEGO collections. We’ll probably get some revised details and colors if it gets past the final review stage so let’s wait until we officially get our LEGO Cats.