This minimalist egg holder feels like IKEA furniture for your poultry

If an egg is the most minimalist form of a living organism, the THRONE is its minimalist seating device. Made from stainless steel, with a PVD coating to give it a nice pop of color, the THRONE is a beautifully simplistic tripod that holds your soft-boiled egg in place as you dig into it.

The THRONE celebrates the egg’s goodness by allowing you to admire it as you eat it. Its minimalist design does a mighty good job of holding the egg in place while also showing it off… hence the name. The simple form factor, apart from being unusual to look at, is also stackable, non-breakable, and works equally well with lemons, mandarins, strawberries, and perhaps a medium-sized avocado too.

Designed in Denmark (that’s where the sense of minimalism and slight tongue-in-cheek humor comes from), the THRONE comes in a set of 4, available in red or black, and highly recommended by chefs around the world like Wolfgang Cluck and Henston Blumhenthal!

Designer: Markus Iversen

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A THRONE For The World’s Oldest Superfood

Is there a better centerpiece to breakfast than the egg? You’d be cracked just to serve it on a plate. No, that’s a fowl idea. A good egg deserves to be served alone.

An Eggcelent Breakfast – Show off your egg as the centerpiece of the breakfast table. The egg is the king and queen of breakfast, so they put it back on its throne.

Overly Eggineered – THRONE is the finest an egg server can be, it’s made of high-grade stainless steel that is PVD coated like a high-end watch. This gives it an excellent finish that will last you forever.

Eggstravagant Storage – The second best feature of THRONE is that it’s completely stackable. Once you’ve wrapped up breakfast, THRONE won’t take up much space. You could even say that won’t ruffle any feathers when it comes to storage.

Click Here to Buy Now: 4 for $26.10 $29.00 (10% off with Coupon Code: YANKO DESIGN). Hurry, offer ends in 7 days!