Don’t Touch the Gunk

Cleaning your average sink or bathtub strainer is cringeworthy to say the least. YUCK! This simplistic yet ingenious strainer makes things just a little easier. It’s called TWEAK and just requires a simple pinch between your fingers to be picked up. Now you can avoid touching the waste, dispose of it, and replace in a jiffy. Vid after the jump!

Designer: Nitzan Shafat & Aviv Rozenfeld


  • 54 says:

    Its bottom being flat, kind of make it easy to shift position in the sink, and makes it ineffective.

  • Kickstarter Backer says:

    I, along with another 4526 people, backed their project on kickstarter to create this project. They claimed to have sent out all the items to backer in May and now, in August, a large number of us are still waiting to see these. Communications with their backers have been minimum.

    I do not recommend doing business with Nitzan Shafat & Aviv Rozenfeld as they are not respectable or serious business owners.

    We want a refund!

  • tan says:

    Dont buy this product from these thiefs. They never deliver the product. Almost all backers were scammed buy these guys. They took our money and left us. If you dont believe me read teh comments section

  • Kickstarter Backer says:

    Fraudsters. you have not sent the products to the people who financed you through kickstarter

  • Herdiansah says:

    I’m a kickstarter backer for this product and many of us haven’t received the package… well done guys!

  • Kickstarter backer says:

    No answer form them… I want my kickstarter refund !!! And I’m not the only one !!!!!

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