The Lamborghini Querderro is the sibling the Huracan never had, but always wanted

While Lamborghini as a brand has a bit of a bad-boy attitude (I mean just take a look at some of their cars… or the yacht they launched in February), its more popular models are the production-ready ones that, unlike their overtly aggressive conceptual cars, balance their temper along with a sense of style and charm. I personally think the Aventador and Huracan are much more iconic than say the Terzo Millennio or even the Sian… and it seems like I’m not the only one. Slovakian designer Jan Bujnak has a similar take on Lamborghini’s stylings too… a preference that’s almost immediately evident when you see the Lamborghini Querderro concept, created by Bujnak.

The design is an evolution of the classic brand language that also integrates new visual elements. The structural core of the concept is a lightweight and extremely rigid carbon fiber monocoque shell. Surfaces have precisely defined, sharp edges and crystalline volume.

The side profile is characterized as a sharp wedge and defined by a deep air intake. Butterfly doors swing upwards and inwards.

The familiar low and sharp front includes diffusers for better aerodynamics. Two large intakes provide air for brake cooling and emphasize the width of the car from the front view.

The rear pillars act as deflectors, directing air over the engine lid and towards the retractable spoiler to increase stability and traction while also cooling the engine. Aesthetically, the rear end is characterized by slim, deep lights and diffusers.

Designer: Jan Bujnak