Stress reducing volcanic hot stones use ambient lighting + aromatherapy to create a Zen experience

Lemongrass and eucalyptus infused massage oil is one of my favorites, but I hardly get the time to actually use it or get my partner to give me a back rub with it. Working from home, cooking and regular chores have me drained by the end of the day. I wish I had something like Elo hot stones, which creates a pro-grade hot stone experience right in the comfort of our own homes. The reason why I have never tried hot stones at the spa s is because of the high cost associated with this therapy. Interestingly, Elo promises to be an indulgence that won’t cost me an arm and leg (only perhaps de-stress them!).

Given the new normal of social distancing, it only makes sense to invest in something that has withstood the test of time – a therapy that is actually a 2000-year-old tradition. The purpose of hot stones is to melt away muscle tension so that you can relax and sleep better. It doesn’t matter if it’s from work stress, a workout routine, or simply household chores. At the end of the day, it all adds up to sore muscles and a mind that is racing with thoughts from the day. Elo aims at reversing these bodily responses that manifest deep, loosening tight muscles and reversing the stress cycle so we can feel calmer and rested.

Elo’s hand-shaped volcanic stones preserve the traditions that were formed over 2000-years ago and this is what makes them so powerful as a form of therapy and massage. They target muscle groups to melt away any tension or stress stored within. While you can choose to use Elo on your own, the team also recommends using it together with your partner, for some R&R.

Investing in Elo is a one-time cost and can be used whenever you feel the need. If meditating is your thing, then you can enhance your experience with Elo by using the stones are part of your practice. In ancient times Basalt volcanic stones were used, and these are still used by professionals across the globe. These stones have remarkable heat retention properties and allow heat to be expended slowly and sustainably.

What I love about Elo is that you don’t need to depend on anyone for this therapy. The placement mat and position guide allows you to use them effectively on our own. The clever part about Elo is that it has ambient lighting and aromatherapy built-in. This helps take your relaxation to new heights, ushering in calming, restful sleep. The app, launching 2021 will allow you to customize the light ring experience to exude calming visual effects and mimic dusk skies of your choosing.

Designed to be minimalistic and indulgent, it’s best to pop the set onto your nightstand and use it daily. The team behind Elo has spent 3 years working alongside professional therapists to develop it and it sure won’t disappoint!

Designer: Elo Labs

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Elo – A Pro-grade Hot Stone Experience for Home

Hot stones are a thousand year old tradition. They melt muscle tension so you can relax and sleep better. Elo hot stones aim to reverse the bodily responses associated with stress, slowing breath and increasing the parasympathetic activity that makes you feel calm and rested.

An Elite Treatment at Home

Target muscle groups on your own or unlock some bonding time with a partner. Giving the perfect massage is effortless with Elo.

Accessible for the First Time Ever

Hot stone is the premier treatment in spas and can be expensive, especially for frequent visits. Elo is a one time cost, and can be used any time you want.

Ancient Practice Reinvented

Used for over 2000 years to melt muscle tension and put you into a meditative state. Elo has reinvented this ancient practice, using hand-shaped volcanic stones that preserve the traditions that make it so powerful. The stones you’ll hold in your hand each time you use Elo started their journey possibly thousands of years ago as hot, molten rock from deep inside the earth that once reached over 2000 F before settling down, untouched for generations.

Basalt volcanic stone is what the ancients used and is still preferred by professionals around the world. It has amazing heat retention properties and allows heat to be given off slowly and sustainably.

3 Relaxing Levers. One System.

Hot Stone Thermotherapy – 7 heavy volcanic Elo Stones heat up fast to 3 temperature levels and slowly release captivating warmth to soothe and calm your body and mind.

Aromatherapy – Diffuse calming essential oil blends to trigger your mind to change states from active to passive.

Ambient Light Therapy – High-output LED light rings produce calming visual effects and mimic dusk skies. Set your mood with the app, launching 2021.

3 Stone Shapes for a Balanced Experience

Click Here to Buy Now: $279 $499 (44% off).