Eye Candy Camera

I love the Iris concept camera for its utilitarian functionality and simplicity. The camera works at the command of your blinks, yes and its so amazing. Its almost as if you gaze into a crystal ball and capture moments that you think are precious and then share it with the world. The concept uses biometric technology to identify people by recognizing their unique iris signatures. Once it identifies the iris, it automatically uploads that users preferred setting. It even recognizes subjects using the same technology and even tags them.

The camera is capable of storing user info like aperture, ISO and screen display. The beautiful video below goes on to explain how you can gesture control the photography process by simply using your eyes. It looks to be as natural as us taking to the computer mouse as our virtual hand onscreen.


  • Zoom in or out by narrowing or widening you eyes.
  • To take a photo, hold your gaze and double blink.
  • Once a photograph is clicked, biometric technology activates to recognize the subject’s iris and can tag them.
  • Photographers and subjects have to register their biometric information to access these features.
  • The camera works for both stills and moving images.
  • It uploads files via WiFi or can store them on an SD card.

Designer: Mimi Zou

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH5NzwWkqpo 600 451]


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  • Peter Murphy says:

    This is some incredibly clever technology and it looks so sleek! Personally I think it would be too much effort to focus on keeping my eyes still, especially in the sun. I’m assuming that ISO and aperture still have to be input manually, so it’s just the zoom and shutter that are controlled by the biometrics. It’s a clever little camera that I’d love to try. It would be interesting to see up close some of the images captured by it.

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