Pee on the Flower

We don’t think of urinals as objects of beauty. Even the most beautiful designs from top designers all succumb to this fact – you piss on it. Designer Sun Young Jung thinks she can change how we think of urinals. Her urinal has a flower in it, not a real one but you do piss on it. The flower is supposed to invoke beauty, move you like poetry, and make draining the snake a more enjoyable experience.

Designer: Sun-Young Jung


  • gerMan says:

    In my opinion its rediculous to try changing the way we think of something by putting just a flower on it. By the way: Who says thst flower is a symbol for beauty in that context and not for (for instance) »freshness«.

    I think even the thesis »We don’t think of urinals as objects of beauty« is wrong because it depends to culture and the induviduum.

    But i like the objekt in another context! It reminds me of these old urinals and even these »pee-pots« that used to stand under the bed – especially the second pictures with the combination of a simple geometrical shape, the black border and (of course) the flowers. In that meaning it becomes somthing that combines taditional aspects with a modern way of … year… peeing. Thats why i likt it.

  • powers says:

    Except that girls don’t use urinals. The form is great, hell, I even like the flowers, but the concept? She’s obviously not a guy.

  • Russ says:

    Women are weird and that thing is ridiculous. If you want to speak to guys, really move us… ditch the flower and try beer bottle or turkey drumstick shapes. I mean, come on, really? Flowers? Really? LOL 😉

  • monkey face says:

    why are women thinking of urinals? why are we “thinking” about urinals at all? do you think about your toothbrush when you brush your teeth? good design means we don’t have to “think” about it when we are using it! this is just ass backwards, seriously, I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT URINALS!

  • monkey face says:

    sorry for beating a dead dog, but i have to add: do you think putting flowers on your toothbrush will make the brushing experience more enjoyable?… seriously, wtf? i can’t stop thinking about urinals now!

  • paj says:

    there are urinals with flys, with spiders and also with footballs, with which you can score…. so why flowers

  • zippyflounder says:

    for a guy make it a challange, targets to hit with a digital readout and high score displayed above each one…

  • rhoda says:

    i think it’s nice…
    at least it looks prettier then the ordiniry one.

  • James says:

    I’ll kill you!!! It’s bad

  • sun says:

    james? dijilae?

    oh!!! kimjiyoon

    I’ll kill you!!!!

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