Breathe! This handheld meditation-device coaches you to relax through anxious times!

I’ll admit the truth. It’s been 4 days since the election and all I’ve been doing is doomscrolling on Twitter for updates and refreshing the Google result to see how the vote’s been progressing. 2020 hasn’t been kind to our collective mental health, but if there’s one thing we need to take away in these trying times, it is to give ourselves a break and relax so that our minds get the rest they need and deserve. The MindNap is a nifty, portable meditation-assistant that helps guide you through deep breathing and relaxing your mind and body.

The handheld device comes with two metal pads that you place your thumbs on, before entering the meditation session. Sensors under the pads detect and monitor your biosignals, and the device itself vibrates gently to tell you when to inhale and exhale. The MindNap device works in tandem with a smartphone app, which lets you choose from four different meditation settings – creativity, focus, relaxation, and energy. Select the cycle you want to run and the MindNap does the rest, reading your own internal cues like your heart rate, its variability, and your basic metabolic panel (BMP). By understanding your current state, the MindNap devises a custom breathing regimen to get you to your desired state, helping you boost focus, clarity, and creativity, while reducing anxiety and stress. You can use the MindNap to energize yourself too, choosing a breathing pattern that helps increase your blood flow and make you feel more recharged. Available in two colors, the MindNap even comes with its own portable leather-case that lets you carry it around with you… because we all know how valuable our sanity and clarity is in times like these!

Designer: MindNap