Firefighter’s Bread Crumbs

The job of a firefighter is diverse. They’ve got lots of tasks to take hold of, lots more than just blasting fire with water and the classic apprehending of tree’d cats. Sometimes they’ve gotta go on missions in the dark. Very often their job takes them through areas that’ve got little or no natural or artificial light, compounded by the fact that they work inside buildings, blocked sometimes from light completely. In these buildings, they’ve got to be able to find their way around, forward to the goal, and back home. It’s “Fire Line” to the rescue.

Designer Thomas Buisson innovates here on the already in place system of “olives” used by firefighters today. Firefighters wear gigantic, cumbersome gear, and this olive system is no exception. Thus, the Fire Line system is small, light, and incorporates a simple communication system to the outside world to boot.

Very hearty, too!

Designer: Thomas Buisson